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Diagnose & fix flickering fluorescent lights

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To fix a flickering fluorescent light fixture we will be successful more quickly and at a lower cost if we take a few minutes to figure out what's wrong:

Is it the bulb, a connection, a loose wire, a bad starter, a bad ballast or transformer, or something else?

To sort out the causes and cures for flickering fluorescent lights we start by listing the causes of this annoying problem. After reviewing the causes of flickering lights we continue with the most-likely repair: diagnosing a bad bulb or lamp.

This article series explains how to diagnose the causes of flickering or dimming fluorescent light fixtures in buildings.

Watch out: flickering or dimming lights might indicate a dangerous condition risking a building fire or an electrical shock. If the simple bulb or starter repairs we describe here don't cure the flickering, switch off the bad-acting light fixture, leave it off, circuit and ask for help from a licensed electrician.

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Causes of Flickering Fluorescent Light Fixture

Single pin FT12 Fluorescent light fixture installed in 1963 (C) Daniel Friedman at InspectApedia.comProperly-functioning fluorescent lights should not produce a flickering that is noticeable. Standards for ballasts typically state:

Ballasts shall operate lamps with no visible flicker (<3% flicker index).

Traditional fluorescent lamps using a magnetic (old style) ballast may produce a high-frequency flickering that is sometimes barely noticeable. Fluorescents using a newer electronic ballast should will never show visible flickering unless there is another problem present.

More noticeable fluorescent lamp flickering occurs at the end of the fluorescent lamp's life and is a sign that the lamp (bulb) is ready for replacement.

However there are other sources of abnormal flickering fluorescent light fixtures that mean repairs are needed.

Common causes of flickering fluorescent light fixtures

Burning out fluorescent  lamp (C) Daniel Friedman at

Less common causes of problems with fluorescent lights

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