Ground wires in fuse panel - function(C) Carson Dunlop Associates How to Inspect Residential Electrical Panels - Part 7
the Distribution Panel

  • DISTRIBUTION PANELS - CONTENTS: How to inspect electrical distribution panels - the main panel. List of electrical panel defects to watch for.
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Main electrical panel inspection procedures & defects:

This article summarizes inspection of the building electrical panel, main panel, or electrical distribution and sub panels. This article series discusses procedures for safe and effective visual inspection of residential electrical systems including electrical panels and other components, when the inspection is conducted by trained building inspection professionals, home inspectors, electrical inspectors, and electricians.

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PANEL COVER - Residential Electrical Panel Cover Inspection and Special Safety Hazards - Look before you touch!

Information in this electrical inspection article series was presented by Daniel Friedman -, and discussed by the Hudson Valley chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors - HVASHI Seminar 12 Sept 2002, Updated 2006, 2009, Jan 2014.

Article contents

Before Touching or Opening the Electrical Panel for Inspection

CIRCUIT WIRING AMPS FUSING - Electrical branch circuit wiring amps/fusing defects - Copper electrical wiring

Match wiring gauge to ampacity - the following describe copper wire sized or gauges and the matching circuit ampacity or overcurrent protection that is required to be provided by fuse or circuit breaker:

Exceptions to these wire sizes and fusing occur for special circumstances such as air conditioners whose motors produce a brief current surge during startup.

PROBLEM-BRAND ELEC PANELS - Problem-Brand Electrical Panels

ELEC PANEL LOCATION - Electrical Panel Location Defects

FUSES vs CIRCUIT BREAKERS - Relative Electrical Safety of Fuses versus Circuit Breakers

MAIN DISCONNECT INSPECTION - Electrical Panel Main Disconnect Inspection - Do you Pull the Main Fuse or Test the Main Breaker?

OTHER ELECTRICAL PANEL DEFECTS - Other Electrical Panel Defects Discoverable by Visual Inspection


Continue reading at ELECTRICAL PANEL COVER SCREWS and warnings about removing and replacing panel covers, or select a topic from closely-related articles below, or see our complete INDEX to RELATED ARTICLES below.


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