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Q&A on how to fix a damaged electrical box or box screw or mount

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Q&A on how to repair an electrical box that is damaged, loose, or has stripped screw openings.

This article series describes how to repair the mounting screw or screw opening at an electrical box used to mount a receptacle, switch, or other device.

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Q&A on How to fix a damaged electrical box or mount or connecting screw tab

Damaged electrical box in a solid or veneer brick wall (C) SteveThese questions and answers about how to repair a damaged electrical box or device mounting screw tabs that are stripped or broken in an electrical box were posted originally at ELECTRICAL BOX SCREW REPAIR - be sure to review that article.

On 2018-11-08 by Steve - exterior brick veneer wall - porch light damaged during a storm

I have a porch light that was damaged during a storm. Fortunately the light was undamaged, but the junction box that's in the brick broke in half where the screw holes are.

To me, it looks as if I need to replace the junction box. My question is, "How"? The box has mortar all around it and obviously won't just pull out. Just not sure how to go about doing this myself. Any input would be appreciated.

On 2018-11-08 by (mod) - options for repairing a damaged electrical box in a brick, block, or concrete exterior wall

Steve: you will find you rquestion repeated along with my detailed reply on this page: EXTERIOR ELECTRICAL BOX REPAIR

On 2016-04-04 by (mod) - UK alterantive repair for stripped electrical box screws - BackBox Saver


Trevor said:
Here is another option from the UK that I found on the Intenet

the BackBox Saver = an add-on screw receiver to repair stripped electrical box screws, sold in the U.K., Contact: • Tel: 020 7381 1539 in the UK Back Box Saver is a division of Red Box Maintenance Ltd.

On 2015-08-27 by (mod) - Metal Box Mender

In the U.K. an inventor has produced MBM - Metal Box Mender - about which we have written at METAL ELECTRICAL BOX SCREW REPAIR

A PVC electrical box may be amenable to a similar repair - for now - until our article appears - see

Often you can drill out the existing screw opening and use a sheet metal screw PROVIDED you clip off and file smooth the screw and make sure that in addition it's no longer than necessary.

Watch out: You don't want to pierce an electrical wire in the box or you'll be sorry.

See ELECTRICAL PANEL COVER SCREWS for an example of what can go wrong.

On 2015-08-27 by teresa

the thread that is stripped is on a round box in ceiling. i can't connect a cross bar for light fixture or fan. the box is pvc.and the threads in the holes are metal and removable.

On 2014-08-28 by (mod) -


An electrician or other expert looking at your hookup might see other safety hazards that need attention.

If there were no problem other than a stripped receptacle securing screw the electrician would more likely install an oversized screw (watch out for / don't use pointed sheet metal crews that cut into wiring) rather than face the cost and trouble of replacing the whole electrical box.

On 2014-08-27 by Norm

I'm switching out a dryer cord from four-prong to three, and it looks like the screw holding the black wire was stripped out by whoever installed the first cord. I'm not experienced with electrical work, but I don't want to leave this loose.

I can screw it in, but the slightest amount of pressure pops it free again. Any advice on how to secure it? Longer screw? Should I just head for the hardware store? Any help will be appreciated. Dryer's out of warranty.

On 2014-02-16 by (mod) - you can use a "G-Clip" to make the repair.

Thanks for the tips Mike.

Re posting Mike Walton's comment without the URL address

If the stripped outlet box is made of metal, you can try using a tap tool. If the existing screw is broken off in the metal box, you can drive the screw through using an awl and hammer (the screw is softer metal than the box).
If the outlet box is made of plastic, you can use a "G-Clip" to make the repair.

The clip pushes onto the damaged box and accepts the 6-32 screw. check out g-clip us on line.


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