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Block, brick, stone masonry chimneys & flues

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Masonry chimney & flue article index:

Here we list key articles useful for building, inspecting, diagnosing or repairing problems with masonry chimneys.

Common chimney problems such as cracks, draft, chimney height, leaks, leaning chimneys, or chimney stains & chimney inspection & repair methods are discussed in this article series.

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Masonry Chimney Construction, Inspection, Diagnosis, Repair Article Index

Sloping masonry chimney (C) Daniel FriedmanJust below at More Reading we list articles that provide details about just about any brick, block, "cinderblock", or stone chimney question that comes up.

For example, our page top photo shows a chimney that would not be safe to use, and described at ABANDONED CHIMNEYS, OUTDOORS.

What about this angled brick chimney shown at left? Did you know that there is a danger of cracks, leaks, and even fire at this chimney? Look closely at the floor of the attic where the chimney shifts from vertical to angled. Details are at ANGLED CHIMNEYS.

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What about chimneys that are leaning, bending, bulging or bowing? At left our photo shows a brick chimney that is separating from the house.

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Often the root problem is an inadequate original chimney footing. There are some serious fire and flue gas hazards when a masory chimney is doing a slow undulating dance on or in the building. Details are at CHIMNEY LEANING, SEPARATION, MOVEMENT


Continue reading at ABANDONED CHIMNEYS or select a topic from closely-related articles below, or see our complete INDEX to RELATED ARTICLES below.


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