Collapsing mobile home roof (C) Daniel FriedmanHow to Inspect the Interiors of Mobile Homes, Double wides, Trailers

  • MOBILE HOME INTERIOR DEFECTS - CONTENTS: Mobile home interior inspection guide. Common mobile home indoor defects at walls, floors, windows, doors, from inside. Special risk of floor rot in mobile homes with leaky windows or at water heater closet floors
  • Questions & answerrs about how to troubleshoot & fix problems in manufactured home interiors or mobile home interiors
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Mobile home interior inspections & troubleshooting:

This article explains how to look for defects in the interior of mobile homes, trailers, double-wide homes.

We discuss spotting evidence of roof, window, wall, and door leaks, trip hazards, sagging ceilings, rotted walls or floors.

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INTERIOR DEFECTS Defects in Mobile Homes

Mobile home wall opened for insulation (C) Daniel FriedmanOur page top photo shows a badly-sagging mobile home roof and a makeshift repair that the occupant has provided to protect against mobile home roof collapse during heavy snow loads. Ver.3.5 - 04/25/07, updated through 2012 - Steve Vermilye, New Paltz NY and Daniel Friedman, Poughkeepsie NY, Hudson Valley ASHI Chapter Seminar, Newburgh NY, January 4, 2000, NY Metro ASHI Fall 99 Seminar, Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, White Plains NY, October 2, 1999.

In the past few decades (to 2006), "trailer" manufacturers have considerably improved the quality of construction of such homes. The national manufacturing and building code standards for these structures have also been improved. Perhaps in part to escape the less than wholesome image of "trailer", manufacturers use the term "mobile home" to describe what is usually larger and better made home than "trailers" of old, though perhaps with similar materials.

Mobile homes are built in a factory and are designed to be moved (once and uncommonly, perhaps once again) on its own wheels attached to its own frame to a site where a foundation is prepared and connections to utilities are made. In the U.S., states have regulations about the siting, foundation, steps and entry, wiring, plumbing, tie-downs for wind and storm safety that apply to these homes.

Some examples of mobile home regulations for New York State are this website. Individual state regulations will vary - you'll want to see what your state requires. Even within states regulations vary as wind and weather conditions do also.

Examples of mobile home improvements include stronger overall wall and roof construction, less leaky roof covering, and windows that are less notoriously leaky. In addition newer mobile homes have, for fire safety, bedroom windows that can be pushed out to a wide opening for emergency exit in case of fire - an important safety improvement.

Usually building departments grandfather in older structures, but sometimes they will insist that certain life-safety improvements be made, for example if an older mobile home is being brought to a new site in a new community. If this is the case one or two windows may need to be replaced to provide this important safety improvement.


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