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Electrical wiring in mobile homes:

How to Inspect Mobile Homes or Manufactured Housing Electrical Wiring, Electrical Panel, and other Electrical Components for Defects: detailed procedures, defect lists, references to standards.

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Mobile home caravan electrical  hookup (C) Daniel Friedman

Common electrical defects in mobile homes are discussed below.

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Updated through January 2018 - Steve Vermilye, New Paltz NY and Daniel Friedman, Poughkeepsie NY, Hudson Valley ASHI Chapter Seminar, Newburgh NY, January 4, 2000, NY Metro ASHI Fall 99 Seminar, Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, White Plains NY, October 2, 1999. [Click to enlarge any image]

These mobile home or doublewide or manufactured home or trailer electrical system inspection suggestions are suitable procedures for most countries, including Australia, Canada, The U.K., the E.U., & New Zealand, though of course electrical codes and standards will vary among countries.

Electrical Service Supply Defects in Mobile Homes

Electrical Service Defects: Drop Feeders for Mobile Homes

Reader Question: where is the meter kit mounted for a mobile home?

2016/03/07 R.j.Morris said:

What qualifications must a manufactured home meet to allow the meter kit mounted on home instead of a pole


RJ The following EXAMPLE is quoted from Mississippi Power. Your own local state or provincial government and codes contain the final and correct answer - that is it depends on where you live.

Meter Sockets and Service Equipment Mounted on Manufactured Homes

The 1993 National Electrical Code (NEC) has been modified to bring the NEC requirements for service to manufactured homes in line with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) manufactured home construction requirements. The NEC and HUD now both permit the service equipment and the meter socket to be mounted on the manufactured home under certain conditions. Refer to the following Sections of the NEC for these conditions.

HUD has interpreted the requirement for installation of the service equipment by the manufacturer as shown in NEC 550-23 to include field installation under the supervision of the manufacturer. In areas where there is an electrical inspector, Mississippi Power will serve manufactured homes with the service equipment and meter socket mounted on the home, provided the inspector approves the installation, and the meter socket meets the MPC requirements for customer-furnished meter sockets.

In areas where there is not an electrical inspector, the following conditions must be met in order to serve a manufactured home with the service equipment and meter socket mounted on the home

Electrical Ground System Defects in Double Wides & Mobile Homes

Unsafe indoor electrical wiring (C) Daniel Friedman

Our photo (left) shows so much makeshift extension cord wiring in this mobile home that we considered it a red flag meriting a close inspection of all of the electrical system's components: grounding, panels, receptacles, switches, circuits, etc.

Common Defects in Mobile Home Electrical Wiring

Rusty fuse panel serving a double-wide mobile home (C) Daniel Friedman

Unsafe outdoor electrical service entry cables at a mobile home (C) D Friedman S Vermilye

No GFCI and mis-wired electrical outlet in bathroom over sink in house trailer (C) Daniel Friedma

No GFCI and mis-wired electrical outlet in bathroom over sink in house trailer (C) Daniel Friedma

Electrical Wiring References for Manufactured Homes, Campers, Mobile Homes, Doublewides

Find an Electrician to Work on a Double Wide or Mobile Home - Financial Aid?

Question: how to find a South Carolina Electrician to Fix Wiring Hazards

I have been having problems in 1996 grand manor doublewide home. From breakers tripping to main Ac heat which is now completely useless and breaker is turned off. Anyway my issues are too numerous to list here.

My problem is finding a person qualified to diagnose and repair. I am on fixed income and a single mom to child fighting very rare and often times, fatal liver cancer. I add this info to say how easy ( and HAS previously been) it is to be ripped off when having to call repairmen blindly. Have lived here since home was first purchased and set up.

Had problems resulting in lawsuit from shoddy set up and just a mess in general. I am writing to you to see if you have a list or directory of qualified electricians to inspect and diagnose doublewide home issues. As is, my son and I live in a home with 3 main breakers turned off to protect against fire.

Our zip is 29842. When I do a search it will give me electricians in Augusta Ga. Nothing wrong with that but have been told the codes in Georgia and SC are different. We bought home from lot in Ga but live right over bridge in SC.

Need a SC familiar electrician. Just hoping you may have a referral or list for my electrical issues. People think I am crazy but my fear of fire is very real. I worked in a burn unit before my disability and my fears are grounded. Feeling unsafe in home is not fun. - Anonymous by private email 2017/01/05

Reply: sources for electricians & for financial aid for home repairs

Anon, you know better than I, but from looking at maps, it seems likely that electricians listed as working in "North Agusta" such as at

Take a look at this map:

You can certainly ask, up front, if an electrician is able to consider any form of economic aid or price break for low-income families.

You might also check with some of the South Carolina economic aid agencies at where perhaps one of the energy-assistance agencies could be of some use to you, for example the weatherization program at

Unless it becomes de-funded by the federal government, the U.S. agency HUD also offers financial aid to families in your state, specifically for home repairs.

or contact the Columbia SC HUD field office directly at

I can't tell if your electrical problems are due to improper original work or the use of a bad-performing product or something else.

If specific questions about diagnosing or repairing problems in your home come up you're welcome to search for answers or to simply ask me by email.

Finally, before paying someone for an expensive repair, you might first ask them to be kind enough to explain to you, in simple lay-person's terms why the repair is needed and how it should work to solve the problem. Then you should also feel free to tell me what you're being told. I can't be as smart as an on-site expert but I might be able to suggest some questions to ask or to serve as a sort-of reasonableness check.

Manufactured & Mobile Home Electrical Standards & Codes

Full text of the manufactured and mobile home heating standards can be found in

PART 3280—MANUFACTURED HOME CONSTRUCTION AND SAFETY STANDARDS [PDF] newer copy retrieved 2017/07/13 - faster-loading

See Subpart I - Electrical Systems in that document

Question: electrical power surging in trailers

(Oct 20, 2015) Kevin said:
Several trailers in my row have power serging. could this be a break in the common/neutral wire in my row,and how do I test it


Kevin there are power monitors that can be connected to track power surges; a spot-check using a VOM or DMM may not catch intermittent surges. If you think that there may be damage to the common neutral or any other wiring, because there are serious risks of death from electrocution, it would be appropriate to immediately notify the property management both orally and in writing.

I don't recommend DIY power testing - it's dangerous.

Question: closet circuit breaker in mobile home keeps tripping

(Nov 20, 2015) Emma Valenzuela said:

I live in a dbl wide mobile home.about 2 weeks ago the circuit breaker in my closet kept tripping, something it has done for several years
when too much electricity is being used at one time.

I usually unplug the extra power (say the vaccume) and switch the breaker on and things are back to normal. Almost 2 wks ago, the breaker tripped and I unplugged all the power supplies to that breaker but as soon as I tried to reset the breaker it flipped off again and again. I was unaware but a visitor at the house pulled out or removed the breaker. I don't know what he did to take it out but I am now left with extension cords running thru my house.

I tried to buy a new one at Lowe's but they had none. Then I was told by someone who claims to have a small amount of knowledge that he doesn't think it's the breaker but one of the outlets. I have no clue what to do or where to do it. I have no income and am trying to make it day to day.

The breaker removed says 2 pole cil KP-77. 120/240 V.A.C UND LAB INC.CU 8-14 AL 8-12.please, ANY help or info will be so much appreciated. Thank you



Usually if a circuit breaker is tripping it's doing its job of protecting your home from a fire that might be caused by a short circuit or an overheating electrical circuit.

I would leave the problem circuit turned OFF and ask for help from a licensed electrician who will examine the circuit that's giving you trouble.

Tell us the brand on the circuit breaker and electrical panel and I may have other suggestions.

Question: find an open wire connection in a manufactured home

(Jan 18, 2016) brent said:
I have a manufactured home ap-rox 30 yrs old. I have an open in the wiring. is there a j box I need to lo0k for. all wiring is overhead.


Brent, your electrician will trace power from the panel along the bad circuit - junction box by box. In newer manufactured homes connectors may be used to join circuits when the home is assembled. Sometimes we find that a pair plug-receptacle type connectors were left disconnected - an easy repair.

Question: changed some circuit breakers, now fridge won't come on.

2016/03/03 Stephanie said:
Had to change some breakers fridge or stove won't come on what could be the problem


I can't guess from so little information, Stephanie. I'd follow the circuit to see where power is dropped. Your electrician will start at the electrical panel. I do not recommend that homeowners swap out circuit breakers unless they're trained, as there is a risk of death by electrocution or a house fire or both.


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