Photograph of a Sears Kit House catalog page showing the Fullerton. Guide to Kit Houses & Homes
List of Manufacturers of Kit Homes
How to Identify Kit Houses

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List of Kit Home Manufacturers in North America and other locations.

This article lists the manufacturers of kit or catalog homes sold in the United States and provides links to additional references, kit home identification, kit or catalog home restoration and repairs, and kit home architectural and hardware details, markings, and stencils.

Benefiting from Hunter's work as well as our own search we list a number of kit or catalog home manufacturers here.

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A List of Manufacturers of Kit Homes and their Identification Markings

Modern Homes Construction Co. the Laurel Model - InspectApedia.comWe've had modest success finding details about other kit home companies selling in the United States and Canada and have made a few additions (found below) to a list complied by Rebecca Hunter. She lists a variety of kit house companies.

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Colt house plans (C)

Eaton Kit Homes No. 678

Honor Bilt Home instruction book cover page  (C)

Photograph of a Sears Kit House catalog page showing the Fullerton.

Sterling Kit Home - The Windsor (C)

[Photos of pages from Sterling Kit Homes are available on request from Inspectapedia and are also found in other public forums online - Ed.]

References for Identifying Kit and Catalog Homes from Various Manufacturers

We recommend all three of these publications. Item #1 is a great reference catalog of home designs, organized to help as a field guide. Rosemary Thornton's two books contain additional specific details which you will find instrumental in identifying Sears Catalog Homes.


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