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List of All Recipients of the Philip C. Monahon Award given by the American Society of Home Inspectors - ASHI

Recipients of the Philip C. Monahon Award given by the American Society of Home Inspectors, sorted by year

  • 2012
  • 2011
  • 2010
  • 2009
  • 2008 William Mason, Sarasota FL
  • 2007 Joe Corsetto, Flanders NJ
  • 2006 Frank Libero, Garnerville, NY
  • 2005 Douglas Hansen
  • 2004 Kenneth Salvo
  • 2003 Roger Robinson
  • 2002 William Richardson
  • 2001 Mark Cramer, Tampa Florida
  • 2000 John Palczuk 1999 Richard Matzen
  • 1998 J.D. Grewell
  • 1997 Alan Carson
  • 1996 Daniel J. Friedman, Poughkeepsie, NY
  • 1995 Michael Casey
  • 1994 William F. Sutton
  • 1993 John Ghent
  • 1992 David Surette
  • 1991 Gerry Loesch
  • 1990 Tony Galeota
  • 1989 Bob Reeds
  • 1988 John Heyn
  • 1987 Tom Byrne
  • 1986 Paul O'Connell
  • 1986 Claxton Walker
  • 1984 Alfred Alk
  • 1983 Ron Passaro

ASHI's 1997 Phil Monahon Award Presented to Daniel Friedman
- Press Release by the American Society of Home Inspectors

American Society of Home Inspectors
932 Lee Street, Suite 101
Des Plains IL  60016
Phone (847) 759-2820   (*47) 759-1620 FAX

FOR RELEASE:   Immediate

Arlington Heights, IL -- Dan Friedman, of American Home Service Co. in
Poughkeepsie, N.Y., has been honored with the 1996 Phillip C. Monahon award by
the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASIU), the international professional
association for independent home inspectors.
The award recognizes an individual who has made exceptional and innovative
contributions to the profession. The recipient is recognized for dedication to
the goals and ideals of the profession as stated in the ASIR Code of Ethics.
Over a period of at least five years, the recipient must have rendered
contributions of time, talent, or expertise benefiting the society and the
general public whom ASIR serves.
Mr. Daniel Friedman, who has worked in the home inspection profession in the
Poughkeepsie area since 1978, was cited for his work in development of the ASHI 
certification exam, his writing and publication of technical materials for the
profession, his work as an educator, his research in the field of Building
failures, and for his development of both private and public Internet
information resources for home inspectors and home buyers. He has served as
secretary, vice president, and president of the NY Metro ASIR professional
chapter as well as on national ASHI committees for education, certification
testing, chapter development, public relations, and liaison to several related
organizations such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
The award was presented during the annual ASHI conference in Palm Springs,
California, on January 9, 1997. In his acceptance speech Mr, Friedman cited the
professional cooperation and mutual education among home inspectors in the
Hudson Valley as an essential ingredient in ongoing improvements in the ability
of home inspection professionals to best serve the public.
The American Society of Home Inspectors is the national professional
association for independent home inspectors which sets the Standards of
Practice and Code of Ethics for the home inspection profession for the U.S. and


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