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Awards & recognition notices for InspectApedia.

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Awards & recognition notices for InspectApedia.

  • This Consumer ACTION & ADVICE Ring site commends this website authored by Daniel Friedman

  • 1/22/99 Recognition for web-site design meeting requirements of the major Internet Search Engines

  • 5/08/98 Dateline NBCRecognizes our Site as Realtor-Independent Resource

  • 9/25/97 Promote Your Website - free service

  • Luckman Award2/11/97 Website Receives Kudos: "Of the more than 150,000 Web sites that we have checked out, our editors believe that your site* should be publicly recognized as a Luckman Four-Star winner."

  • Leading Edge Award4/10/96 Website Receives Kudos: from Leading Edge.

  • 12/01/95 - PC Computing Magazine: Named our Aluminum Wiring Website among the "Best 1001 Internet Sites." See the Engineering category, p. 146.

  • Free Information: Readers are also invited to make use of the extensive free and in-depth building and environmental diagnosis and repair research and advice using the search box found on our pages and in the article topics listed above. You can also use the Comments Box found near the end of each article to post a question or comment.
  • FAQs below discusses field reports of problems & solutions for this topic


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