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Proper formats for citing website articles:

Here we provide a model website article citation to demonstrate the proper format for web article citations. is an online building encyclopedia that provides illustrated, detailed un-biased, in-depth information on detecting, diagnosing, correcting and preventing building defects, failures, & indoor health or safety hazards including environmental concerns.® is a U.S. registered Trademark. The design and content found at® are © Copyright protected, All Rights Reserved. Contents of this website may not be copied in any form. Our main website topics listed at page top or at the MORE READING links at the bottom of this article provide in-depth, un-biased, expert information on building & building environment defect inspection, diagnosis, & repair, energy conservation, solar energy, and building construction history.

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Format Guide to Citing Website & Web Articles

The proper format for citing an InspectAPedia article (as we are an online encyclopedia) is given by our example below and is in accordance with the Purdue University source below.

Often encyclopedias and dictionaries do not provide bylines (authors' names). When no byline is present, move the entry name to the front of the citation. Provide publication dates if present or specify (n.d.) if no date is present in the entry. - Angeli et als.

We recommend adding to your website citation the date that an online article was retrieved because online material at some websites is often updated or even moved.

Example of an online encyclopedia website article citation from

Asbestos Identification in Buildings: How to find & identify asbestos-containing materials. (n.d.), in InspectAPedia online. Retrieved from On 11/22/2010.

Note: if your citation is appearing in print (as opposed to electronic or web page format) the blue text above and live web links will of necessity be omitted.

3 Most Common Publication Citation Formats Usefulf for Web Search Results

For more formal books, papers, and journal article citations, take a look at Google Scholar, search on anything of interest, and then click on Google's "Cite" link to see three common article citation formats. Here is an example of three citation formats for an article we retrieved in searching for information about "Roof shingle algae stains". [This topic is discussed at InspectApedia at ALGAE STAINS ON ASPHALT ROOF SHINGLES]

  1. MLA: Berdahl, Paul, et al. "Weathering of roofing materials–an overview." Construction and Building Materials 22.4 (2008): 423-433.
  2. APA: Berdahl, P., Akbari, H., Levinson, R., & Miller, W. A. (2008). Weathering of roofing materials–an overview. Construction and Building Materials, 22(4), 423-433.
  3. Chicago: Berdahl, Paul, Hashem Akbari, Ronnen Levinson, and William A. Miller. "Weathering of roofing materials–an overview." Construction and Building Materials 22, no. 4 (2008): 423-433. Reprint Policy

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