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InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. advertising policy.

InspectApedia is an independent publisher of building, environmental, and forensic inspection, diagnosis, and repair information provided free to the public - we have no business nor financial connection with any manufacturer or service provider discussed at our website.

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Policy of Permitting No Conflicts of Interest: InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website.

To protect our reader’s trust in finding un-biased, detailed building inspection, diagnosis, and repair information at we do not accept paid advertising from individuals nor from companies.

We detail our advertising policy at ADVERTISING POLICY. However companies can target topics or specific article pages at our website through Google's Ad Placement Targeting program which we describe below.

Readers should also review our Accuracy & Privacy Policies.

How to Use Google's Ad Site Placement Targeting

You can use Google’s “placement targeting” feature to target ads to appear on specific pages at our website that benefit your company, particularly if your advertisement and product provide services, products, or information that are useful to our readers. we have seen better results for us and for advertisers using this approach than could be obtained by placing single (and more costly) ads fixed on individual website pages.

For example if someone asked about placing an ad on our air conditioning diagnosis/repair topic front-page, we have presently nearly 250 different technical articles on air conditioning online, many of which have higher page-view statistics than the A/C front page.

That’s because search engines take readers to topic-specific articles at our website. You’d get the best return on your advertising dollar by permitting your ads to appear on any of our website pages where your advertisement and services and our website content best match what consumers are looking for.

What is placement targeting?

Placement-Targeted Advertising is defined at and also at 

You can take advantage of the fact that we’ve made all of our website pages containing Google-generated ads are “targetable” by advertisers - Google will place your ads ONLY on pertinent pages to your business – Air Conditioning, for example.  Or building electrical system test instruments such as VOMs and DMMs

What Ad Names Known to Google can be Targeted at ?

You can target ads to the website; we recommend that you try Google AdSense generated ads targeted to our website. Google will place your product ads where their algorithms determine they will best perform, or if Google detects that our content or your advertisement and products do not relate, they won't place the ad.

There are also specific named links that Google's AdSense program will display and that can be targeted on our web pages.

These link types appear on all of our website pages across a wide range of building inspection, diagnosis, and repair topics to which the Google system matches ad topics with website content.

We maintain complete independence from our advertisers, sell no products ourselves, and scrupulously avoid any conflict of interest. we have observed that many products and services advertised at our website provide very useful information or specific products needed by our readers.

How Does an Advertiser Sign up for Targeted Google Ads on web pages?

Here is how to begin an advertising campaign with site-targeted ad placements:

Policy on Sponsored Content at InspectApedia

We do not accept "sponsored content" at InspectApedia. In our view an important distinction between material that a reader can trust to be unbiased and authoritative and sponsored content that risks being an infomercial is made by assuring information appearing at InspectApedia is offered by authors and editors who research the content, including appropriate source citations, and who subject the material to technical and peer review. Source citations and technical reviewers are cited at the end of articles.

To that end we invite further comments & suggestions from readers, both expert and novice.

Contact Us with Website Corrections, Criticism, Content Suggestions

We welcome website content correction, criticism, content suggestions, or actual technical articles and content for and we are happy to give credit to and exchange links with our contributors.

Just Contact Us by email.


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